Hajr MuhammadHajr Muhammad, MA, TLLP, is a licensed counseling psychologist with a Master’s degree in counseling psychology from Wayne State University and a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Michigan State University.

Hajr has experience working with individuals, couples, children, teens, and families. She also has experience with group therapy for mothers and teens. Hajr has worked with clients facing depression, anxiety, grief and trauma. Hajr is passionate about working with individuals and families; she feels a collaborative process is the best way to take on challenging issues and promote healing.

Hajr’s approach to therapy is grounded in cultural competency, systemic factors, and holistic wellness. She understands individuals’ critical role within their community and how an environment can shape their view of the world and themselves. She approaches therapy through the power of relationships, whether within or outside the therapeutic space. Hajr believes the client is an expert in their mental health and wellness, and it is her job to ensure that the relationship between client and therapist is supportive, not forceful, or superior. Hajr follows an integrative approach to therapy, ensuring that each client’s unique needs are met. These strategies include Psychoeducation, Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Psychoeducation, Person-Centered and more.

Hajr is a current doctoral student in the Counseling Psychology program exploring the impacts of “strength” on the mental and emotional well-being of Black teen girls. Additionally, Hajr is an assistant researcher studying the effects of colorism and hair-combing behaviors on children and families. Outside the therapeutic setting, Hajr is a wife, a mother of twin boys, and a sister to nine siblings. Hajr enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family and listening to a few of her favorite podcasts in her free time.

Hajr works out of our Royal Oak office.

To contact Hajr regarding her therapy services, call (248) 546-0407 or send an email to: info@relationship-institute.com